Jim is available to speak in church services or weekend retreats or to conduct workshops on a variety of topics that center around biblical peacemaking and conflict resolution.

He can come to your church for a half day or a full day of workshops on the prevention and resolution of conflict in churches.

Call Jim at (951) 301-8025 or email him at jim@restoringkingdombuilders.org to schedule a time for him to come to your church and speak.


Congregational consultant Peter Steinke says that in his experience, 40% of all churches will be hit by a moderate to serious conflict within the next five years.  When a natural disaster hits a community, it’s too late to take emergency precautions.  Preparation needs to happen long beforehand.  In the same way, every church needs to make preparations for the possibility that it could be hit by a major conflict … and this preparation shouldn’t be limited to just the pastor and governing leaders.  Every Christian needs to know what the Bible says about preventing, managing, and resolving conflict among believers.

Viewing Your Church as a Family System

The New Testament uses many metaphors for a local church: the army of God, the body of Christ, the bride of Christ, as well as “the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10) and “God’s household” (Ephesians 2:19).  You’ll learn how family systems theory can provide insights into congregational life – all supported by Scripture – by utilizing concepts such as homeostasis, overfunctioning, and triangles.

Predictable Times for Conflict

There are times in the life of every congregation when conflict is inevitable.  You’ll learn when these times occur – and how to prepare for them in advance.

Resolving Conflict Biblically

The primary passage in the New Testament for handling interpersonal conflict is Matthew 18:15-20.  If this passage was followed today, we’d have far fewer conflicts in churches.  You’ll learn how the implementation of this passage can transform church life.

Dealing with Church Antagonists

Every church has its share of bullies who intimidate others and block fulfillment of the Great Commission.  You’ll learn biblical strategies for addressing this behavior and setting your church free from their influence.

When You Disagree with Your Pastor

If a churchgoer is troubled by something their pastor did or said, how can they approach him with their concerns?  You’ll learn ways to approach your pastor so he’ll listen and receive feedback.

When Your Pastor is under Attack

The statistics are startling: 1,300 pastors are involuntarily terminated from churches every month.  Sometimes terminations come out of nowhere, while other times the tension builds over time.  You’ll learn what the average churchgoer – as well as the governing leaders – can do to protect their pastor from those who seek to engineer his departure.

Identifying and Healing Hatred

The primary weapon in the enemy’s arsenal for destroying pastors and churches is bitterness.  You’ll learn how hatred can overtake Christians and how they can be freed from their anger.

Forgiveness is a Process

Interweaving Scripture continually, Jim tells the story of his struggle to forgive a Christian leader who persistently wounded him over the years.  You’ll learn the steps to true forgiveness.

Church Coup: A Cautionary Tale of Congregational Conflict

Jim and his wife experienced a ground-shaking conflict several years ago in their last church ministry.  Jim has recounted the story of that conflict – and its abundant lessons – in his new book Church Coup.  You’ll learn from both the wise and unwise decisions that were made by all parties during this conflict.

Strengthening Your Church’s Immune System 

There are undetected forces at work in your church designed to poison and ultimately cripple it.  But the people in your congregation can develop biblical behaviors that can thwart and defeat any attack.  You’ll learn ten healthy habits that can immunize your church from chronic conflict.




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